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Name: Quincy Marķa Recinos
Nickname(s): Quinn, The Black-Haired Girl that Plays a Lot of Sports, etc.
Age: 11
Birthday: October 26th
Zodiac: Libra
Grade: 5th (She's a grade higher than the regular cast.)
Religion: Roman Catholic
Gender: Female
Nationality: Half Salvadorian, Part Turkish, Part Armenian; Mother is Salvadorian, Father is Half Turkish and Half Armenian
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Siblings: None. (She's an only child.)


:bulletred: Although she is part Turkish, Armenian and Salvadorian, she does not have an accent of any kind. Her mother, however, has the accent of a regular Salvadorian woman.

:bulletred: She can be really paranoid sometimes.

:bulletred: Quinn likes animals, as her spirit animal is the wolf.

:bulletred: She can get really scared if dared to do something life-threatening.

:bulletred: Quinn is best around boys. She can be friendly with some girls too.

:bulletred: She hates to be with someone that can make her uncomfortable.

:bulletred: Quinn has a really short temper. So, don't try to piss her off.

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//Can someone do me a huge favor and make another ask account for Craig? I'm sorry, but yeah. There's not very many active ones around the fandom. :/


AskQuinn's Profile Picture
Quincy Marķa Recinos
United States
Quinn Recinos
B a c k s t o r y

Quinn was born in the capital of El Salvador. She was actually a very happy girl, but when she was 5 and attending the 1st grade, she learned how mean people could be, and she knew how ungrateful they can be. She was a bit of a tomboy, and didn't fit in with the other girls. She was made fun of by other girls because she always played with the boys and she never spent any time whatsoever with them. Because of the bullying, she got more aggressive, and she gets uncomfortable when girls are around her. Only a very small amount of people get to see the real side of her.
She's not exactly new to South Park. Her family moved there because her father had received a new job, and he wasn't making much money in El Salvador. She wasn't happy about the move, but she was glad that she got away from San Salvador.

A p p e a r a n c e
Quinn is a 11 year old of average height and weight. She wears a red jacket with 3 black buttons and a black collar, along with black fingerless mittens. She also wears black pants with red sneakers. Underneath the jacket, she would usually wear her football jersey, or a dark gray T-shirt. Quinn has brown eyes that she inherited from her father, and she has black hair and fair skin that she inherited from her mother. She is almost always seen with an expressionless look on her face.

P e r s o n a l i t y

Quinn is a pretty normal girl. She's laidback, can be ladylike, and tough. She's very polite, and she tries to be the best daughter she can be to her parents. She has a bad habit of cursing, but she always apologizes to whoever she hurt. Her hobbies when she's alone do reflect her personality, yet it does not reflect all of it. Her hobbies include playing football, hanging with her guy friends, and watching sports with her father. She's a full-on tomboy, and often likes to play football or baseball while other girls would rather be shopping or doing other girly stuff. If you are close to her, she will still be laid-back, but she will be more comfortable with herself around you. She's actually pretty pleasant to be around, if you don't mind the obsessiveness of sports that is. ^^;

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Quinn.. listen, I heard about what you said yesterday and I moved on and well I accept your apology but I'm still mad at what you did still. And you know what if I don't have to move on, I don't have to move on that's who I am and if you can't accept that then oh well then.
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