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Do not thank me for the favorite! You deserve it.

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//Can someone do me a huge favor and make another ask account for Craig? I'm sorry, but yeah. There's not very many active ones around the fandom. :/


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Quincy Marķa Recinos
United States
//Icon and I D. made by Kobayashi16!//

Hi. My name is Quincy, but I go by Quinn.

The gang!
(Leader) :iconaskquinn:

We're not dating anymore, but I still care for him I guess...

The greatest friend I have.

Tweek.. He seems very nice.. ^^

My best friend, Samantha. :)



Bebe! She's really nice!


Kellin. c:

//About Quinn!//
:bulletred: She wears a red button-up jacket, black jeans, red shoes.
:bulletred: She has jet black hair and brown eyes.
:bulletred: She is part of the school's football team.
:bulletred: She is surprisingly good at all subjects.
:bulletred: She hates herself, and she can bring herself down a lot.
:bulletred: She's very quiet.
:bulletred: She flips people off, but that's rare.
:bulletred: She can sometimes be very sarcastic at times.
:bulletred: You must have her permission to date her cousin, Victor. Otherwise, she'll flip shit on you...
:bulletred: She takes her role in football very seriously.
:bulletred: Her favorite pass-time hobbies include watching sports, playing basketball, and gaming.
:bulletred: Her best friend is Samantha.
:bulletred: Call her Mexican and she will MURDER you.
:bulletred: She enjoys watching other people suffer.
:bulletred: Get too close to her, and she'll probably be VERY uncomfortable.
:bulletred: Mention Turkey and she'll just walk away.
:bulletred: She will not like you if you; insult her or her favorite things too many times, you get the point.

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Sabrina-the-Morpher 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Hello there. That was quite a Contest yes..?"
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asklucyy Apr 1, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
[golly! thanks for the watch! very much appreciated!]

hello o _ o
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(( Thanks for the watch! ))

Hey there I'm Jack! Yours?
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Quinn.. listen, I heard about what you said yesterday and I moved on and well I accept your apology but I'm still mad at what you did still. And you know what if I don't have to move on, I don't have to move on that's who I am and if you can't accept that then oh well then.
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*Cleo sees Quinn in school, and approaches her. She looks at her injuries, but has no idea how she really got them*

"...Another victim of bullying, huh?"
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