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//Hey guys. It's Quinn's admin, Jayce. I just want to clear up a few rules before you ask some questions or 'dares'.//
:bulletblack: Please make the dares 'fun' something that is worth drawing. (please no kissing or whatever, you can ask it but I might or might not answer it sorry!!!)
:bulletblack: I'm not the biggest fan of canonxcanon characters so there's about a 50% chance anyone can date Quinn. I'm deeply sorry just canonxcanon makes me cringe.
:bulletblack: questions must be something better than 'can you give me a hug?' or 'will you kiss me?' I've been running ask accounts for around 1 to 2 years and those questions are ANNOYING. you can ask that but please dont ask so much.
:bulletblack: I will roleplay any age. All you have to do is just ask. And sorry if I'm a bad roleplayer. ;-; I'm a year 2 roleplayer and I haven't gotten used to it yet.
:bulletblack: I might or might not upload at times. It's because I'm busy with school or family.



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:iconask-jace-the-mute: He's really sweet... :)
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:iconask-averysp: She's my ultimate best friend! ________________________________________________________________________________
:iconasksteven-stevenson: He's cool! ________________________________________________________________________________

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//What do you think of Quinn? 
//I might be losing sight in my left eye because a flea bit on my bottom lid... I'm fine for now but I might be losing some sight in it. And I'll have to start wearing my glasses more often...
//Well, Quinn is still sick with the flu... >.> Just needed an excuse for being inactive.
...I'm sorry for not being there at school. I was out with the flu.
We have a football game tonight! Be there or your ass is going to be drilled!
//What do you think of Quinn? 


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Quincy Recinos
United States
:bulletblack::bulletred:All about Quinn:bulletred::bulletblack:

Full Name: Quincy María-Elena Recinos
Nicknames: Quinn, Recinos, The Beast, Aggressive One, El Toro, Rookie, The One that is active in sports.
Age: 12
Height: 5'5"
Weight: Not varied yet, but skinny with a lot of muscle, due to the fact that she does every single sport in the nation.
Birthday: October 26, 2002
Originally from: San Salvador, El Salvador
Current Residence: South Park, Colorado


Quincy, or Quinn, is a twelve-year old girl who first appears as sarcastic, quiet, or studious when meeting someone. However, she appears as very open and laidback if you're considered a friend to her. If you are the one she is attracted to, she's very flirty. ;) Quinn had pretty much a lot of friends back in San Salvador. Other than this, she is shown to be a very loyal and fierce girl who can also be a bit protective sometimes. Quinn won't hold back from showing others her "malevolent" or vicious side when they hurt her, her family or anyone she is very close to. Other than this, she is mostly known to be very active in sports, and almost everyone has been impressed in her abilities. (Well... Minus Kyle, but other than that, they're good friends.) Quinn has earned two nicknames due to her superior abilities. "El Toro" was one of her well-known nicknames. However, the most famous one she has earned is "The Beast" due to a statement made by her coach: "Wow! I cannot believe this! Her power and speed combined is just magnificent! I bet anyone would do everything they can to be someone like Quinn." Aside from her friends, Quinn shows absolute care when it deals with causing trouble, she even cares when getting in trouble. Quinn is known by South Park Elementary as a 'Straight A student and the one that is active in everything, especially in athletics.' She loves studying and athletics like a high school kid loves football. When she feels like stirring up trouble, she wouldn't mind spray painting the lockers of the Fifth Graders. Even out of school, she loves working out, and staying on top of her game.


Quinn has slightly tanned (usually with a tint of olive) skin, deep dark brown eyes, and long straight black hair that goes to her lower back. Quinn wears a red sweater with a black collar. She also wears black jeans and red or black shoes. Underneath her jacket is usually a dark blue shirt, or her signature football jersey. Quinn also wears a beanie that is similar to Stan's, but instead of it being red and blue, it is red and black. Occasionally, Quinn can be wearing fingerless or black gloves. She only wears them when it is very cold outside. Her backpack for school is a lime-green color.


Quinn's father owned and founded a piano shop called "Enrique's Piano Shop". Originally, his shop was opened somewhere in El Salvador (Where they first lived). However, due to a very low interest in music and a very low number of Salvadorian musicians, the store almost went out of business. However, they were able to find a cheap house in South Park that had space for a store and a larger population. The family decided to move to South Park from El Salvador and reopen Enrique's business. Quinn is raised from a hardworking and responsible family. Her mother Josephine, her father Enrique, and her brothers Zig and Avery appear quiet and kind. Quinn, however, differs from them, since her attitude is very aggressive, hardworking and more short-tempered than her family. However, Quinn appears to have more in common with Zig than anyone in her family, despite being the closest to Avery. The Recinos' are well known around town as the "Hardworking and Aggressive People" (since they are seen as always hardworking. This goes for Quinn as well as Zig and Avery.)

:bulletblack::bulletred:Fun Facts!:bulletred::bulletblack:

:bulletred:Obviously, her favorite colors are black and red!
:bulletred: Quinn is a righty.
:bulletred:She's a Libra.
:bulletred:She loves sports. Of course, she's awesome at any sport.
:bulletred:She tends to wear straight or frightened faces when it comes to meeting new people.
:bulletred:She will warm up and start making really heartwarming faces if she really likes you.
:bulletred:Quinn's a little apologetic sometimes...
:bulletred:Quinn is friendly around the girls as well. She is shown to be very close friends with Nichole, Red, and Annie. She is also friends with Lola and Bebe, but she hates Wendy... So, don't ask her what happened between her and Wendy.
:bulletred:Quinn had braces when she was 8, but she got them removed at age 9.
:bulletred:She tends to stammer a lot when meeting someone.
:bulletred: Quinn likes animals a lot, especially wolves.
:bulletred:Some of her favorite characters are usually the protagonist.
:bulletred: Quinn does not have a lot of friends in South Park, as she prefers to be alone. However, she has considered Craig's Gang to be her best friends, after her older brother Zig, and her twin brother Avery.
:bulletred:She gets a little uncomfortable when it comes to people asking her romantic or sexual related questions, but she doesn't mind.
:bulletred:Quinn's birthday is the day that celebrates Austria's Declaration of Neutrality, which not only was it signed in 1955, but it was also signed 47 years before Quinn and Avery's birthdays. (In Zig's, it would be 48, since his birthday is October 25th.)
:bulletred: She is one day younger than Zig, and she is a minute older than Avery.
:bulletred: She is of mainly Salvadorian and Spanish descent. She is also part Armenian, Austrian and Turkish.
:bulletred: Her father is revealed to be from Spain, while her mother is from El Salvador. She also has cousins from Spain, Armenia, Austria, and Turkey.

Meet the gang!
Leader- Quinn :iconaskquinn:
Shy one- Samantha :iconask-samantha-himitsu:
Bodyguard- Alice :iconask-alice-himitsu:
Prankster- Kimikko :iconthesouthparker:
Problem Solver- Cicera :iconask-cicera-may:
Undecided- Claren :iconapplesjacks:
Intense Shipper- Kylee :iconlolrsfunnypony128:
Charmer- Romano :iconkg-44:


English: A
Math: A
History: A
Science: A
Health: A
Art: A

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